DL Isle of Wight Numberplates

VDL number plates were first issued on the Isle of Wight in 1960. DL has always been associated with the Isle of Wight.
Thanks to Richard Stonley and Colin Thomas for providing a large number of these number plate details. Thanks also for the Isle of Wight Heritage group on Facebook for supplying numbers too.

VDL ran from July 1960 (VDL1) through to March 1961 (VDL999). 1st January 1961 saw VDL664. 

VDL1 ref to Tennyson Memorial Ambulance (Numberplate transfer) currently on 2008 SEAT ALHAMBRA. ref: This Morris former ambulance is seen in use as the “Wootton Parish Bus” on the Isle of Wight.  I believe that this vehicle was originally registered VDL 1, and was the St.John Ambulance at Freshwater.  Certainly the registration VDL 1 was subsequently transferred to a later St.John’s vehicle. Ryde.8th June 1974. (Numberplate transfer to 246 CDL)

Update: Just out of interest VDL 1 was the Tennyson memorial Ambulance, A Daimler I believe (That became a van for Ryde Bucaneers. Was parked up on Bembridge Harbour in the 1990’s)

VDL3 (Numberplate transfer) 1992 ALL WHEEL DRIVE TL 17-18 LIVESTOCK CARRIER

VDL4 (Numberplate transfer) 1982 BMW 323

VDL6 (Numberplate transfer) 2013 LAND ROVER RANGE ROVER SPORT

vdl8 Morris MinorVDL8 Morris Minor
(Numberplate transfer) 1999 MITSUBISHI L300

VDL9 – Vauxhall PA

VDL25 – Morris Minor 1000

VDL42 Vauxhall CrestaVDL 42 – Vauxhall PA Cresta
This car still exists – and was registered Monday 25th of July 1960. Shown here during the ‘great floods’ of 1960.

Isle of Wight numberplatesVDL49 – Hillman Minx III

VDL50 – Currently available for sale

VDL58 – Ford Anglia

VDL67 – Austin A40

VDL69 – Scooter

– Motorbike

VDL80 – Lambretta

VDL83 – Harding of Bath. 3 wheel invalid carriage. Villiers powered

VDL87 – Austin Westminster

VDL117 – Vauxhall Victor

VDL182VDL182 – Ford 100E Popular

VDL122 – Vauxhall Victor estate

VDL219 – Wolseley 1500

VDL202VDL202 – Bedford CA

VDL212 – Triumph Herald

VDL213 – BSA Shooting Star

VDL214 – Greeves 250

VDL215 – Greeves 250

VDL217 – Wolsley 1500

VDL219 – Wolsley 1500

VDL221VDL221 – Ford 105E Anglia

VDL248VDL248 – Austin A55 MkII Cambridge

VDL263 – Ford car

vdl287 Austin A40VDL287 – Austin A40

VDL318 – 1962 (?) Zephyr Mk 2 Convertible
The reg originally belonged to a saloon! Thats Brians ex Mr Philips. Car was originally GXL reg. (Gary Ranson) (Explains the late date reference on the car)

VDL319 – Austin 7 Mini

VDL330 – Bedford Lorry

VDL337 – DOT 250cc competition bike

VDL339 – A grey and red Austin Cambridge. Bought by my dad in 1962. (Sharyn Farnaby)

VDL386 – Morris 1000

VDL396 – Austin A40

VDL400 – Rover 80

VDL402 – Ford Anglia (now AOR 847A)( Originally Yellow and White)

VDL404 – Morris 1000

VDL409 – Sunbeam Rapier

VDL410 – Hillman Minx III

 – Truck

VDL436 – Unknown

VDL450 – BSA Shooting Star

vdl454VDL454 – Ford Prefect

VDL470 – Ford Anglia (Gwyn Wilson)

VDL488 – Rover 80

VDL508VDL508 – BSA Twin m/c

VDL513 – Lambretta Li Series 2

VDL516 – Austin A55 MkII

VDL539 – Lambretta

VDL552 – Was our family car, Commer van converted by my dad to seat the children ! (Glenn Fitch)

VDL560 – Morris 1000 traveller

VDL562VDL562 – Tractor

VDL569 – Lambretta TV 175

VDL575 – Hillman Minx

VDL595 – Morris Oxford Farina

VDL599 – Land Rover

VDL607VDL607 – Ford 100E Popular

VDL613 – Bedford CA

VDL614 – Bedford CA

VDL619VDL619 – Austin Mini Van

triumph heraldVDL634 – Triumph Herald Convertible

VDL664 – First registration for Jan 1961. Vehicle currently unknown

VDL 667 Bedford TruckVDL667 – Bedford ‘J’ truck

VDL674 – ?

VDL677 – Was my dad’s Bedford tipper truck (Loris Valvona)

vdl695VDL695 – Morris Minor

VDL697 – Ford 100E Popular
vdl711VDL711 – Vespa

VDL718 – Morris 1000

VDL744 – Volvo Olympian (Modern Bus) was previously R741 XRV
VDL744 – Ford 100E van (Original)

VDL750 – Morris Minor

VDL756 – Austin A55 MkII

VDL762 – Greeves

VDL785 – Ford 107E Prefect

VDL792 – My Dad bought a Morris Minor 1000 in Old English White I think from Westridge Garage in 1962 (Gary & Sue Osman)

VDL827 – Mini (Loved that car – Yvonne Masters)
VDL829 – Ford Consul MkII

VDL833 – My grandmother’s lilac Morris Minor Million

VDL837 – Mini

VDL841 – Bedford SB3 (Bus/Coach)

VDL854 – Bedford SB8 (Bus/Coach)

VDL844 – Bristol Bus/Coach
VDL845 – Bristol Bus/Coach

VDL848 – Triumph Herald Coupe (Yellow and White) (Alison Badman)

VDL855 – Bedford SB8 (Bus/Coach)

VDL860VDL860 – Morris Minor

VDL877 – Dodge lorry
VDL880 – Vauxhall PA Cresta

VDL885 – Commer TS3 Bus/Coach)

VDL891 – Ford 105E Anglia

VDL897 – Ford Consul MkII

VDL903 – Morris 1000 2-door

VDL920 – 197 cc James, registered Feb. 1961

VDL939 – Morris 1000 traveller

VDL962 – Austin A40 Mk1
VDL966 Isle of Wight

VDL966 – Bedford? Van

VDL968 Isle of Wight BusVDL968 – Bus
VDL973 CitroenVDL973 – Citroen