Downing and Donovan – Research

Located on Victoria Street, Ryde on the Isle of Wight Downing and Donovan (Ryde Garage) was the Standard Triumph area dealer on the island.

Downing and Donovan (Ryde Garage)

Downing and Donovan (Ryde Garage)

Downing and Donovan (Ryde Garage)

Downing and Donovan (Ryde Garage)

We have looked at the 1939 Census for Downing and Donovan (Surnames) on the Island, from which extra details could be researched and we have come up with possible Downing and Donovans thus:

George W Downing
(Married to: Kathleen L Downing) b:02/01/1876 d:10/1946 (IOW)
Kathleen Louise Downing
(Married to George W) b:10/05/1902 d:1993 (IOW)

Maisie J Downing b:12/10/1911
Doris A Downing b:07/07/1911
Florence A Downing b:21/10/1901
Marcie Downing b: 12/10/1911

Frank George Downing. Residence IOW, 1927 (but not 1939)
Kelly’s Directory marked as Boot Repairs РCobbler.

(Married to Dorothy May) b:1914
Dorothy May Donovan
(Married to Albert F. Nee Beattie) b: 1912
Newspaper article confirms Albert Donovan, Union Street ref and partnership. Sept, 8 2000. IWCP Ws
Ref Dorothy Donovan, Saturday, January 19, 1946

William Donovan
(Married to Florence K) b:1890 d:1956
Florence K Donovan
(Married to William) b:1893

William J Donovan b:1932
Kathleen V Donovan b:1919
Minnie J Donovan b:1876
Annie Donovan b:1878
Winifred Donovan b:1902
Ada Donovan b:1876

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