Ferry good! Pt1

It seemed our car VDL634 would have travelled a fair distance to the initial dealer. Leaving Canley in August for Munns and Underwood in Southsea/Portsmouth. Catching the Portsmouth to Fishguard (car) ferry then, we assume, […]


Downing and Donovan today

The actual road – Victoria Street, in Ryde has changed very little since the 60’s as we can see in modern and period photos. The garage and showrooms for Downing and Donovan – Ryde Garage […]


Downing and Donovan Names Pt2

This remarkable photograph may feature our car. It was taken by Garry Stretch’s father in Ryde between September and October 1960. The original post was on Facebook so here are some of the 101 comments […]


Downing and Donovan Names Pt 1.

Thanks to the Isle of Wight Heritage group on Facebook, some names from Downing and Donovan, Ryde Garage. The comments below relate to both when the garage has become a Lancia dealer and from the […]


Ryde Carnival c1960

Two fantastic period photos have been found showing the annual Ryde carnival. The carnival took place around the exact time Rosie was first shown in the Downing and Donovan showroom on Victoria Street in Ryde. […]