8558 PU – Convertible

Pete Atkins writes:
My Herald Convertible (bought from John Fosse at Ashey) it was registered as 8558PU.”

PU was an Essex number, starting in 1960 and ending in January 1961. Pete continues, “However, what would now be a Classic Car was – in about 1969/70 when I had it – just an Old Banger. It was primrose yellow, but I don’t know if that was original.

I can remember that it had a 948cc engine with twin SU carbs – but I put a con-rod through the side so I had to change the engine. The donor vehicle was a Standard 8 (which cost me £10) and all I had to do was change the mountings. Being a Standard 8 (as opposed to a Standard 10) the engine was a bit smaller – but it did the trick!

The Herald was a joy to work on: to change the engine we took the bonnet right off, tied a couple of scaffolding poles across the engine – the two of us put a scaffolding pole on each shoulder, stood up and walked off with it! (We needed a gantry for the Standard 8)

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