Brand NEW Triumph Herald book!

Triumph Herald Book

Triumph Herald Book

22nd April 1959 was ‘Announcement Day’ – the UK launch of ZOBO, the Triumph Herald. To coincide with this date today, 22nd April 2016 we are having our own Announcement Day, with the launch of a brand new publication entitled ‘Trauma at Triumph.’

This fantastic resource is a month-by-month timeline of events from the initial concept and design by Michelotti, the prototype testing through Africa, Spain and Portugal leading into full scale production right up to the Leyland Motors takeover.

Researched over a 10 year period using unique submissions to the Triumph Herald online database, (Standard) and Standard Triumph archives, service bulletins, period newspapers, memorabilia and ST in-house publications, this 48 page Limited Edition book is crammed with period photographs, many never seen before, and facts about the incredible journey of the Triumph Herald – the Coupe, Saloon and Convertible – against the backdrop of all the problems Standard Triumph faced with suppliers, cashflow, management and disruption – even their own company name!

Each month documents the cars built, production changes and problems, key events and launches throughout the world.

Over 150 rare period photographs including:
The Royal Albert Hall launch.
Dealer launches.
Promotional photographs.
Factory production lines.
Commissioned X prototypes including Zobo, Zebu and Bomb.
Cars that were reported as never built – but they were!
Unique concept drawings.

Special illustrated features on.
Prototype testing
Triumph Herald rally cars from Morrison to Mabbs.
CKD (Complete Knock Down) cars.
The export success.
The factory process.

The book answers a lot of questions including:
When exactly were the first cars built? Including all variants you have heard of (and some you haven’t) from Y1 and G1 to GA1.
When did countries such as the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand get their first cars?
ALL CKD areas – including the Philippines!
There has NEVER been a definitive last Y prefix car – all previous printed publications state Y23428 as both a coupe and a convertible – we set the record straight!
What DID the ‘S’ in the Herald S stand for and did they really produce other variants?
Which world famous person had their very own special coupe – but wish they hadn’t?
…and lots more.

48 pages. Full colour professionally litho printed throughout.
Individually hand numbered Limited Edition of just 948 copies worldwide.

You can pre-order online HERE:

Price includes shipping:
UK: £24.95
USA/Canada: £32.95
Australia/New Zealand: £32.95
Mainland Europe: £30.95
Rest of World: £34.95

Just like back in 1959, the Triumph Herald was first available in European Showrooms May 13th, this new publication will too be available May 13th. It is available to pre-order today!

Triumph Herald Book

Triumph Herald Book

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