Munn & Underwood Standard Triumph Dealer

Munn and Underwood Ltd were Standard Triumph Distributors and were located in both Portsmouth and Southampton. In Portsmouth they were located at Standard House, 89 Palmerston Road, Southsea. In Southampton, Standard House, 111 Commercial Road. Munn and Underwood Ltd would become part of Wadham Holdings. They still exist today as Wadham Kenning.

Munn and Underwood

Munn and Underwood (Southampton Branch)

As a Distributor, Munn and Underwood were able to deal directly with Standard Triumph at Canley. Local dealers would buy cars through Munn and Underwood, as they could not contact Standard Triumph direct thus Munn and Underwood had a considerable amount of ‘clout’ in the area.

Munn and Underwood

Munn and Underwood (Royal Counties Show Stand, Southsea)

People period news.

13th December 1957
SUBSTANTIAL changes in the Wadham group will take place on January 1. The parent company, Wadham Bros., Ltd., Waterlooville, Hants, will be re-named Wadham (Holdings), Ltd. From January 1, the trading subsidiaries of Wadham (Holdings), Ltd., will be Wadhams, Ltd., and Haslemere Motor Co. (both Nuffield distributors), Wadham Bros. (Coachbuilders), Ltd. (coachhuilders), Munn and Underwood, Ltd. (Standard and Triumph distributors). and Applied Power, Ltd. (Massey Ferguson distributors).

The board of Wadham (Holdings), Ltd., will comprise Mr. R. R. Newitt, chairman and managing director, Mr. F. J. Wing, Mr. J. B. Barrett, Mr. E. V. Wadham, Mr. W. H. Wadham and Mr. F. J. Gaylord. The secretary will be Mr. I. K. Angell.

Portsmouth. Mr. J. E. C. Moorev*; director and joint general manager. Munn and Underwood. Ltd
Southampton. Mr. C. T. Stickland; deputy manager. Southampton. Munn and Underwood. Ltd

1st January 1957
Branch Manager (Portsmouth/Southsea) is Mr T.E Hillyard.

14th November 1958
MR, J. A. BADHAM has moved from Munn and Underwood, Ltd., Southsea, to become retail sales manager of Wadhams, Ltd., Waterlooville. MR, L. DUEEET (SP?) has transferred from Waterlooville to become assistant retail sales manager at Palmerston Road, Southsea.6th November 1959
MR. S. D. GRAVELEY has been appointed retail sales manager of Munn and Underwood, Ltd., Southampton.
13th May 1960

MR. J. E. C. MOONEY*, Managing Director. Munn and Underwood, Ltd.
22nd January 1960
MR. P. COATES, retail sales manager of Munn and Underwood, Ltd., Portsmouth, has become acting manager. MR. A. R. EVANS has succeeded him as retail sales manager.
7th Dec 1962
Mr. J. E. C. Moorey*, managing director of Munn and Underwood Ltd., is taking up the appointment of special director— education and training for the Wadham (Holdings) Group of Companies from January 1, 1963.* Note the mis-spellings: J. E. C. Moorev,  J. E. C. Moorey and J. E. C. MOONEY – clearly the same person!
UPDATE April 25, 2017 To confirm the name is J.E.C Moorey. Director and Joint General Manager (Portsmouth and Southsea) 1960.

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Ref. 1934.

MUNN, Walter, Man. Dir. Munn & Underwood, Ltd. B. 5 April 1863. London. Ed.: Stationers School, Bolt Court, London. Car.: early interests in cycle and motor trade; with Swift Cycle Co., and John Griffiths Corpn.; Sec. of De Dion Bouton from 1901 to 1911. Md.: 1 son. Int.: gardening. Pr. A.: The Gabled Cottage, West Wellow, near Romsey.

Ref. 1953.
Munn & Underwood Limited. Car and Light Commercial Vehicle Stockist and Heavy Vehicle Authorised Distributor. III, Commercial Road, Southampton, Hants. Telephone: 3653:4. Manager: A. E. Blanch, A.M.I.Mech.E., F.I.M.I.Ref. 1938.
Munn & Underwood –  Fiat and Hudson Cars

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