New UK 948cc Triumph Herald Convertible

A new find – a Triumph Herald Convertible 948cc. Although looking white on the photo it is actually pale yellow. The car turned up for sale in the TSSC Courier magazine and by the time we’d seen it advertised it had already sold. The car was for sale in Norfolk from a Triumph fan who also owns other Triumphs too!

Sadly the car has lost it’s original numberplate but has a period replacement. If you are the new owner we’d love to hear from you as we may be able to find out new information on the car.

We do not have the cars details – no numberplate, or commission to confirm the car as genuine. We understand the car is ‘late’ 1960. The car is fully MOT’d and has a newly rebuilt engine, new clutch and was advertised for offers in the region of £3,200 which we think is a bargain!

triumph herald 948 convertible

triumph herald 948 convertible

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