A new find – Y20151LCV

Kelly Richards has just purchased a barn find in Montana, USA. a ‘1959 Herald convertable’. He said he will restore this gem. Shows 34,000 miles.

Triumph Herald

Triumph Herald Convertible Y20151LCV


At first I was a little apprehensive with the date (1959) and the non-standard ‘rag top’ (hood to us UK folk) that it was going to be a convertible – but a converted coupe or saloon.

However, by confirming the numbers – Y20151LCV it is the real thing. It does have a later build date – of November 1960 and the original colour was in fact Powder Blue. It would be interesting to see if any of the original paint still exists anywhere. Signal Red is the most popular colour for 948cc convertibles – certainly of the surviving cars – however, a number of these cars did start off life a different colour and sprayed red.

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