Allen Webb Engineering

Back on the mainland in 1984, VDL634 was sold by Allen Webb Engineering.

Located at 130 Sturry Road, Canterbury Kent.
The photo shows the dealer sticker still in the rear window.

Allen Webb Engineering Allen Webb Engineering

So far not much to go on with Allen Webb Engineering. We’ll keep looking.

Allen Webb Engineering 1984 Advert

Allen Webb Engineering 1984 Advert

The address 130 Sturry Road, Canterbury CT1 1DP is now the address for Team Traction Fourwheel Drive Specialists – again we’ll do more research to see if this is the same building.

UPDATE: We have found this reference from April 3rd, 1985.

SAMSON, Michael John of 28 Norview Road, Whitstable, Kent, Driving Instructor, lately trading as M & G Motor Repair Service at 130 Sturry Road, Canterbury, Kent and formerly trading in partnership with another as Bay View Car Sales at the same address (described in the Receiving Order as M & G Motor Repairs & Service) Court—CANTERBURY No of Matter— 93 of 1984 Trustee’s Name, Address and Description— Hogan, James Michael, 2 Park Lane, Birchington, Kent, Certified Accountant Date of Certificate of Appointment —3rd April 1985

It looks like Allen Webb Engineering was Bay View Car Sales and/or M & G Motor Repairs & Service within the year (our advert dates from 1984). A couple of names to keep the research going on this one!

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