Downing and Donovan Names Pt 1.

Thanks to the Isle of Wight Heritage group on Facebook, some names from Downing and Donovan, Ryde Garage.

Ryde Garage - Downing & Donovan

Ryde Garage – Downing & Donovan

The comments below relate to both when the garage has become a Lancia dealer and from the Triumph Days.

Wendy Pakes: My hubby says yes, he remembers going there in the early 70’s with a mate to look at a dolomite sprint.

Keith Warren: remember part ex my hillman minx for a lada think they got the best deal
Dave Warren: I remember that hillman it was on its last legs Keith Warren

Juliet Chandler: I remember the garage because I bought my first ever car there- it was a red mini & I saved £900 to buy it ! LDL75-has anyone seen it??-That was early eighties & it was just called Victoria Garage by then.

Pete Ash: I remember it well & knew some of the guys that worked there i worked at Wight Motors around the corner at the time.Teresa Day: Ralph Shotters Garage they sold Petrol once as well

Clive Whitewood: yes had a few cars from them

Tom Reynolds: Think Len Brown went there and worked in the parts dept after the Lion closed .

Bob Booth: Owned by Reg Shotter run by son Ralph. They were all part of the family that ran Shotters Coaches that part run by Bill Shotter.

Geoff Taylor: Ralph Shotter had the garage and Nigel Porteous was a salesman there

Al Newbery: Brian Shotter definitely worked there! He also drove Coaches for Shotters, who I think were based in Brighstone?

Tom Reynolds: Wasn’t David Biddlecombe workshop manager there before he went to Bellevue Garage ?

Al Newbery: Definitely Downing and Donovan in Victoria St… Triumph Dealers. I bought a Mini Cooper from there in 1974. Beige with White Roof. . I think the Shotter family owned the Garage. Ginger Jones was a Mechanic.

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