Ryde Garage Lancia Dealership – Plus Names

Ryde Garage, Downing and Donovan – from a Standard Triumph dealership in the sixties and seventies to a Lancia dealer in the 1980’s. After an appeal on Facebook for names – below are some that came up. We’d love to hear from anyone who worked at Ryde Garage, Downing & Donovan.

ryde garage lancia

Ryde garage lancia

“A certain Michael Price worked there in the 60’s…..”  Loris Valvona

“It’s Ralph Shotter’s Lancia Garage, Victoria Street. I know because I used to go out with him. Caroline Baker
I used to fill up with petrol there.” Andy Churches

“My dad served petrol there when he wasn’t driving buses. Mum worked in the office. He bought a new courier van in blue, YDL 6” Garry Stretch

“I turned this into the car park it is now for medina borough. Danny cog glam did the work. Remember filling the underground petro tanks with cement slurry on the fire brigades instruction.” Rod Warne

“My brother in law served his apprenticeship there…… A certain Mr. Steve Rayment……”Lucky Phil

“David Biddlecombe, my honourary Uncle was Manager there, I remember a lady called Margaret, who worked in the office. My first car, a MKIII Triumph Spitfire came from this garage, UDL 990H, I had it for thirty years, sold it a few years ago…miss it terribly!!” Jan Young

“David Biddlecombe – wonderful man, served his apprenticeship at Canning Day Ltd, went in to RR and I knew latterly at Bellevue Garage before he died? Father and sister in chiropody?” Tim Day

“Downing & Donavans, Ryde Garage ! I worked at Wight Motors mid 70s onwards until around 85 got to know the guys there well !” Pete Ash

“Looks like that’s my dad driving Larry” Tonia Voller

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