Triumph Herald Book Goes To Print

UPDATE: After some too-ing and fro-ing the book has finally been passed to print. Some photos, such as the original ‘build-a-coupe’ team from the Royal Albert Hall was a ‘Standard News’ (the in-house employee newspaper) scan, and as such, a ‘bit dotty/grainy’ on the proofs. However, the picture is so rare it HAS to be included. Some photos have been pulled to be replaced by others that were clearly, er clearer but finally the book has been okay’d and the presses are due to start rolling!

Why not order your copy today? Pre-orders all benefit from a lovely low number too!

48 pages. Full colour professionally litho printed throughout.
Individually hand numbered Limited Edition of just 948 copies worldwide.

Triumph herald book

Triumph herald book

You can pre-order online HERE:

Pre-order ‘early bird’ price.
UK: £24.95
USA/Canada: £32.95
Australia/New Zealand: £32.95
Mainland Europe: £30.95
Rest of World: £34.95
(Prices incl. Postage)


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